[Live-demo] Tomcat6 setup for deegree

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Wed Sep 2 20:56:22 EDT 2009

Thanks Stefan,
Stefan has more experience with this than me, so I'm happy to go along 
with Judit and Stefan's suggestion of using a different servlet container.

Stefan Hansen wrote:
> Hey!
> I probably have to disagree slightly with Cameron. Given the constraints 
> of the DVD/VM, I think, Judit's suggestion to start Degree in its on own 
> servlet container is a good idea. Having everything in the already 
> installed tomcat basically means that you have to run all apps deployed 
> on Tomcat, even if you want to run only one. Especially Deegree seems to 
> require a fair amount of resources. So keeping it separated makes sense 
> to me. We probably should do the same with Geoserver. It usually comes 
> with jetty anyway, which is rather lightweight and therefore a good 
> choice for our purposes.
> As far as Postgres/gis is concerned, I think, it might be a good idea to 
> have a single instance running that is started during the boot process. 
>   Many of the apps on the VM/DVD will be able to access it. It could 
> provide a rather limited sample data set, which the other apps can use 
> in their examples. Of course we can also start postgres whenever an app 
> is started, that wants to use it. However, when I worked on the earlier 
> version of Arramagong I played a bit around with that option and got the 
> impression, that we don't gain too much by doing that.
> cheers,
> stefan
> Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> Judit,
>> You raise some good points here.
>> As per: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GISVM_Build#Build_Drivers
>> The GISVM and LiveDVD is targeted at a demo version. The aim is to 
>> highlight the product features, but it not expected to be tuned for high 
>> capacity of complicated scenarios.
>> Our biggest constraining factor is lack of RAM. So to work around this, 
>> the policy is:
>>    1. Do not start applications upon power up. (Ie, don't start deamons,
>>       allow users to start them instead).
>>    2. Set up examples which, by default, don't depend on other
>>       applications. Less applications open, means less memory. Ie, Have
>>       GeoServer access a shapefile instead of PostGIS.
>>    3. Try to avoid scenarios which write data to disk, as disk space in
>>       the Live DVD is stored in RAM, and is not cleared afterward.
>> In your case, I suggest that you install all your applications into the 
>> one tomcat webapp rather than starting another. I'm assuming that having 
>> two web applications in the same webapp will not mean the RAM is 
>> consumed until the application is activated. Is this correct?
>> If possible, I suggest that you allow the user to turn on Deegree web 
>> apps individually. Ie, create a different desktop icon for Deegree WMS, 
>> Deegree WFS, ...
>> Judit Mays wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I've got a general question about the prefered set-up using the tomcat:
>>> Do you prefer to have all the deegree war-archives inside
>>> /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps?
>>> Or would you prefer to have deegree bring along its own tomcat, instead
>>> of sharing it with GeoServer or other web applications?
>>> I've got a bit of a problem. I see that tomcat6 is running with a Java
>>> heap space of 128MB. This is not enough. I would suggest 512MB for the
>>> tomcat at least.
>>> And I don't know if it is such a good idea to add all deegree webapps
>>> (wms, wfs, wcs, csw, wps, wpvs, iGeoPortal) either. Especially if these
>>> webapps get started on start up of the system. This will reduce
>>> performance not only for deegree, but also for any other webapp in
>>> tomcat6 and maybe even for other desktop applications (depending on the
>>> memory of the system).
>>> After all, we are talking about server applications that have specific
>>> hardware needs. You can't expect every laptop and desktop pc to live up
>>> to these needs. Are there any hardware specifics that you plan to
>>> provide with the DVD?
>>> What I could do is reduce the list of deegree demo services to WFS, WMS,
>>> WCS (like GeoServer) and the deegree web client iGeoPortal.
>>> Since WPS and WPVS are working better in deegree3 already, this wouldn't
>>> be such a bad idea. A demo for those services on LiveDVD would then have
>>> to wait until deegree3 is stable.
>>> Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Judit
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