[Live-demo] 5.0 Beta 4 Status - Space

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 03:52:55 EDT 2011

Alex wrote:
> > vim,vim-runtime 27 M , not to start a flame war but
> > new users to linux don't use this.

our target audience is much more than just new users. bare-bones
vi is a debian core package; which would be enough if that
let you use the arrow keys. :-(
at this point we can still use the disc for real work, I wouldn't
want to change that by removing vim. :) </plead>

> As long as there is some vi and no emacs. ;)

actually we used to ship both, but emacs was twice as big again
so got removed in an earlier round of space saving.
fwiw nano/pico make use of some emacs key-bindings. :)

I think I stuck the 'joe' editor on there as well for any old-
timers with lingering WordStar ^K muscle memory; also there are
some other small gui editors, but an industrial strength editor
which doesn't require X is worth its weight in gold, especially
when running a headless VM.

it's a similar story with bzr, git, cvs, svn... I used to have
it install all of them, then tried to cut back to just svn, but
git is used more and more and IIRC one of the projects is using
bzr now so we still need it. there's no Hg AFAIR.

> You can use dpkg-query to get the size of all packages:
>   $ dpkg-query -W -f='${Installed-Size} ${Package}\n' | sort -n

the build process already runs that as the last thing; you can
find the results at the end of the build log.

(many of our install scripts don't use .deb pkgs, so that list
doesn't reflect the full picture, and non-debs are much less
likely to not share libraries, etc)

also note the before+after `df` disc space list includes
/tmp/build_* afaik, so results can be 100%+ bigger than install
size. also it's a bit deceptive due to shared dependencies: the
first of qgis or grass to install will take the blame for many
MB of shared libraries.

> And that shows that there are two linux kernels (111MB
> each) and there is also a texlive distribution (multiple
> packages, total ~110MB). Is that really needed?

it was an oversight, hopefully now fixed.
(the package name is an ubuntu-updates moving target which we
must manually keep pace with)

note an earlier version of the kernel headers were already
being removed in setup.sh. let's experiment without them on our
next beta build then decide if we should just do that for the
ISO and not the VM. (ie put the removal in setup.sh or


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