[Live-demo] 5.0 rc1 testing report

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 02:51:17 EDT 2011

Oliver wrote:
> Choose a random port between 8000 and 8080, search through
> the whole documentation for this port number and only use
> this number if it isn't mentioned anywhere else. Then add
> your new port number to your quick guide so that others will
> find it.
> I've added that to the wiki: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Add_Project#Port_numbers

thanks.  I'm curious, any reason not to go above 8080?

also, please record your port numbers in the package google
docs spreadsheet; there's a column for that.


ps- there is some spam links in the main wiki page which needs
cleaning out. I've been putting off doing anything about it
while we work on better auth and spam/ban tools there, but if
anyone feels keen I guess the existing stuff has to be cleaned
out by hand anyway. in the change history click on the author
to see their other edits too, and maybe add [[Category: SPAM]]
to their user talk page?

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