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#776: Can't log out of the ISO
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 5.0rc2 ISO.

 as reported by others, and I see it too, when you boot using the ISO it
 seems impossible to log out.

 the first time you click on "are you sure you want to log out?" it seems
 to do nothing. the second time you try you get this error message:
 Failed to log out.
 Session manager must be in idle state
 when requesting a shutdown

 I haven't experienced this in the VM.7zip version.  (although technically
 I am running the ISO in a VM, but I think others reported it once the ISO
 was installed onto a USB drive & booted natively)

 if I look at `ps fax | less` I can see `[xfce4-session] <defunct>`

  - it's a read-only file system & you can't hurt it: just power off the PC
 and all will be ok in the morning. (maybe not so healthy for a USB

  - `killall xfce4-session`  : takes you back to the login screen

  - `sudo poweroff`  : shuts down the disc

 hmm, I was thinking it might be molly-guard, but that package isn't

 this seems to work on a stock xubuntu CD, even if I remove the indicator-
 messages package.


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