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#16: Incorrect URLs in the installation manual
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 BTW, I'm reporting this issue under '''General''' component because there
 is no one for documentation related issues (see Ticket #15).

 In the manual about
 Installing and Configuring on Windows], there are incorrect URLs or
 components referred in these URLs are not installed properly.

 On page 34, Testing the Web Server Extensions, all URLs refer to
 '''mapviewerajax''' like in the following paragraph:

 You can check that the Web Extensions are correctly set up. If your
 development language is PHP, go to this URL in a web browser:

 Unfortunately, there is no module called '''mapviewerajax''' after
 MapGuide 1.1.0 is installed. Here is what I have under
 ''http://localhost:8008/mapguide/'' location:

 Index of /mapguide

 Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
 [DIR] Parent Directory                             -
 [TXT] License.htm             12-Jan-2007 23:32  149K
 [DIR] data/                   12-Mar-2007 20:39    -
 [DIR] localized/              12-Mar-2007 20:39    -
 [DIR] mapadmin/               12-Mar-2007 20:39    -
 [DIR] mapagent/               12-Jan-2007 23:10    -
 [DIR] mapviewerphp/           12-Mar-2007 20:39    -
 [DIR] nad/                    12-Mar-2007 20:39    -
 [DIR] stdicons/               12-Mar-2007 20:39    -
 [DIR] viewerfiles/            12-Mar-2007 20:39    -
 [DIR] webstudio/              12-Jan-2007 23:32    -

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