[mapguide-trac] #380: Unhandled exception when rendering a layer

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#380: Unhandled exception when rendering a layer
   Reporter:  ronnielouie  |       Owner:  ronnielouie
       Type:  defect       |      Status:  new        
   Priority:  medium       |   Milestone:  2.1        
  Component:  Web API      |     Version:  2.0.0      
   Severity:  major        |    Keywords:             
External_id:  1024018      |  
 1.  Start MapGuide Studio
 2.  In the Tools | Options dialog, go to Viewer, and select AJAX
 3.  Drag and drop the attached dwg file into the repository.  A dwg load
 procedure appears.
 4.  In the load procedure UI, click "Load Resources"
 5.  In the "Layers" folder, open layer "0"
 6.  In the Layer Editor's Layer Preview, click on refresh.  some
 rectangles and triangles appear.
 7.  In the right hand side of the viewer, click on the down arrow.  The
 view pans down.
 8.  Click on the down arrow again.  The view pans back up, and the arrows
 now respond in random ways.
 9.  Go to the system's Services dialog.  The ApacheMapGuide service has

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