Question about map.Create and map.Open() on the mapframe

Scott Reisdorf scottreisdorf at
Fri Dec 1 11:25:58 EST 2006

All,I have a questions about loading a map from a saved MgSession.  I also think there is a possible bug in the mapframe.jsp page that prevents the page from loading a map saved in an open MgSession
In the mapframe.jsp the page always calls map.Create() forcing a new Map to be drawn, even if the calling Session already has a Map object associated to it with the same name.  Shouldn't the mapframe.jsp page do a check to see if the map has been created to the calling MgSession and call a map.Open() rather then a map.Create() so that the map will have the proper layers saved in the users session?
I want to have the users map and dynamic layers persist throughout their MgSession, but with the current code when the users accesses the main page it always creates a new map (map.Create()), rather then doing a check and a map.Open().   When I changed this code, the application performs as expected and loads in the proper map for the users MgSession.  
Any help is much appreciated.
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