[mapguide-users] Clearing Selections

Trevor Wekel trevor.wekel at autodesk.com
Wed Dec 13 16:29:33 EST 2006

Hi Scott, You are correct.  There are no APIs to Clear() or Remove()
selections.  Would creating an empty selection work in your case?
$selection = new MgSelection($map);

$selectionXml = $selection->ToXml();



From: Scott Hameister [mailto:ScottH at mPower-tech.com] 
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Subject: [mapguide-users] Clearing Selections

I'm using this code from the Developers book , It' works fine, except it
grabs the correct objects, but doesn't release objects already selected.

How do I clear out the Selection in advance so that ONLY my new FILTERED
objects are in the selection.


Is there a selection.Clear() or selection.Remove() option to the webAPi
besides for only Adds.


I can't call the parent.mapFrame.ClearSelection() with javascript,
because it runs after the page has compiled and deletes the selection
after its been created.


$queryOptions = new MgFeatureQueryOptions();

$queryOptions->SetFilter("RNAME LIKE 'Schmitt%'");




// Get the features from the feature source,

// turn it into a selection, then save as XML.

$featureResId = new MgResourceIdentifier(


$featureReader = $featureService->SelectFeatures(

$featureResId, "Parcels", $queryOptions);

Example: Setting the Active Selection | 53

$layer = $map->GetLayers()->GetItem('Parcels');

$selection = new MgSelection($map);

$selection->AddFeatures($layer, $featureReader, 0);

$selectionXml = $selection->ToXml();

echo 'Setting selection...';


catch (MgException $e)


echo $e->GetMessage();

echo $e->GetDetails();




<script language="javascript">

<!-- Emit this function and assocate it with the onLoad event -->

<!-- for the page so that it gets executed when this page loads-->

<!-- in the browser. The function calls the SetSelectionXML -->

<!-- method on the Viewer Frame, which updates the current -->

<!-- selection on the viewer and the server. -->

function OnPageLoad()


selectionXml = '<?php echo $selectionXml; ?>';






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