FDO Providers and Coordinate Systems

Dan Kerr kerrcad at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 11:51:11 EST 2006

> While working through the tutorial the "select an FDO provider" list was
> When determining "how to transform the data", "for SDFs with no ccordinate
system" WGS84" was not an option under "Lat/Long".
> I have searched all of the archives (not just user) for FDO and found no

 On Mar 16th,* "Thomas M. Tuerke created a new forum named "General
Questions" in project mapguide."*  However, no "forumID=4" exists, as per
the error note.
Forum General Questions has been added to project mapguide.
View this forum at:

I am using Server 2003.

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