[mapguide-users] DWF Viewer App

Andrew DeMerchant andrew.demerchant at gemtec.ca
Tue Nov 21 16:39:02 EST 2006

I had thought there was an artifact for it (which is why I didn't add it 
myself)...but I dont' see it.


Alain Lebatard wrote:
> The reason for the DWF search problem is that the viewer surround uses 
> the DWF viewer API to select or zoom to a feature, but the viewer only 
> knows about the features that are in the visible extent of the map. 
> The AJAX viewer doesn’t have this problem because since it virtually 
> doesn’t know anything about the features displayed, it has to 
> systematically go to the server to perform selection or zoom.
> I remember that bug from before MapGuide shipped. We probably didn’t 
> fix it then for lack of time, but I think there is an artifact logged 
> for it.
> Alain
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> I mainly use the DWF viewer (still not a fan of the AJAX one...I miss 
> the quick panning and zooming with my mouse wheel too much!), but my 
> app supports both (the user is sent to the right one according to a 
> browser check)...I don't know about searching offline, but I can 
> certainly tell you that you can search dwf features just the same. I'm 
> using the search tool from MapGuide Studio.
> It works fine, except for 1 serious bug.....Say you're zoomed in so 
> that not all features of your map are visible (some are outside your 
> extents)...If you then search for features, you'll get a list. Click 
> on the item you want, and you're supposed to be taken to that feature 
> (the map is meant to center on that feature)......in dwf viewer, this 
> wouldn't work. It ONLY works in the dwf viewer if the thing that you 
> clicked on (from the list) is already on the screen somewhere.
> If you can live with this bug, then likely all you have to do is 
> modify your URL. I've done almost all of my project with MapGuide 
> Studio, and have set it up to work with either viewer....all I have to 
> do to switch viewers is to change "mapviewerdwf" in my url to 
> "mapviewerajax".
> Hope that helps!
> Andrew
> Chris Tallman wrote:
> I know the DWF Viewer app is not very popular right now because it 
> requires an install. However, we are working on an app for EMS in 
> vehicle mapping. I need to be able to search for an address in the DWF 
> map while its disconnected from the internet or network. Has anyone 
> messed with this? Is it even possible to search features in the DWF 
> Map? I have a feature source that has the addresses, and I've written 
> an app to search the map if I'm using the AJAX viewer, now I need that 
> same functionality in the DWF viewer. If anyone has an idea on how to 
> do this I am all ears.
> Thanks,
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