[mapguide-users] programmatically add layer to initial map

Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Mon Aug 13 10:16:18 EDT 2007

When the viewer loads, it creates a map from the weblayout/mapdefinition 
Your runtime map gets overwritten when the viewer starts.
Instead you can do this:

Initialize web tier
Create a session, and open connection
Use GetResource to retrieve the Xml for the WebLayout AND MapDefinition
Modify the MapDefinition Xml to your liking (add layers etc.)
Save the MapDefinition to the session repository, using SetResource.
Update the WebLayout's map resourceid to point towards your modified 
Save the WebLayout to the session repositiory, using SetResource
Start the viewer, pointing at the newly created WebLayout.

You may of course use the "Library://" repository, if you want the 
changes to persist.

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

Scott, Brian skrev:
> Hi Carl - 
> What db are you using?  I found, for example, that I could not filter at run time against Postgres/PostGIS.  I was able to create a whole new layer based on points available in PG, but I  had to extact the attributes, create points, then apply them to a new layer.  Very cumbersome, but for whatever reason, filtering just wouldn't work w/PostGIS.  
> Good luck!
> brian
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> Hi,
> I am trying to programmatically filter and add a layer to a map that exists
> in the repository before the map is initially loaded in the clients viewer.
> The steps i am performing are as follows;
> 1)Initialize the web teir and open site
> 2)Create a new session and open a site connection
> 3)Use map.create() to create a map from an existing map definition in the
> repository
> 4)Create a session resource identifier and use map.Save() to save the
> existing map into the session repository
> 5)Use map.Open() to open the map resource just created in the session
> repository
> 6)Use map.Getlayers() and insert() to add a new layer into the map
> 7)use map.save() to save the map with the added layer into the session
> repository
> When i debug my code i get no errors and the map displays in the viewer but
> the added layer does not (even after performing a map refresh).
> Please can you point me in the direction of a sample that performs a similar
> task or provide a code example? (I have found similar problems disscussed
> but cannot find a solution)
> Thanks in advance.

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