[mapguide-users] MrSid images not displaying

Scott Steigerwald scott.steigerwald at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 23:06:56 EDT 2007


I have followed all of the steps for enabling MrSid and adding images to my
map.  After creating the data source, layer and adding the image to a map
(with other vector layers), I can see all of my layers but the Sid.  I've
tried this with 3 different Sid files.  I've turned on debug mode, and it
doesn't really tell me anything:

(2264|3904) Server starting...
(2264|3904) PROJ4 Coordinate System Library
(2264|3904) Server started.
GDAL: Auto register C:\Program
Files\MapGuideOpenSource\Server\Bin\gdalplugins\gdal_MrSID.dll using

And nothing else after this.  I've searched the news group and didn't see
this specific problem listed anywhere.

Other info:
Windows XP
IIS 5.1
MGOS 1.1
MapGuide Studio eval version
One image per directory, definitely in same coordinate system (can view in
Made sure downloaded newest GDAL dll's and placed in correct locations

Thanks for any helped offered,

Scott Steigerwald
scott.steigerwald at gmail.com
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