[mapguide-users] FDO GDAL for Raster Problem

Rahul unicorn_admirer at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 01:12:22 EDT 2007

Hi ,
        I am currently working with MGOS 1.1.0 and MG Studio 2007. I am trying to display raster images using the fdo gdal provider with MGOS but getting some weird results.
  I succesfully able to connect and display the single layer only if the single raster file was stored in the folder,initially there was some stretching problem but it got resolved once i downloaded the gdal patch(
  Now my problem is that when i stored 2 files in the same folder and connected to the same folder i only able to view the same first Layer, although i set the correct extents in the Map Definition window .
  I have one file (x.jpg) in JPG format and georeferenced through MapInfo(x.tab) while the other file (y.tiff) is in Tiff format and gerefrenced using the ESRI ArcGIS(y.jgw).
  Is there anything to do with the supporting georefrenced files and how can i create 2 seprate layers using the same resource which is pointing to my image folder contaning 2 images.eg.(C:\Images\TestImages).
  One more problem is that once i already deleted my resource and when i tried to delete image files in the folder i use to get warning that the images files are used by some program and cannot be deleted.

  Looking forward for  some kind of advice or work flow.
  *** I able to to view both layers using the MGOS 1.0.2 and adsk raster provider.

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