[mapguide-users] MGOS 1.2 Beta2 / geometry in session layer does not display

G.E.O.-Consulting / Hans Morschell moerschell at geo.co.at
Sun Jun 10 07:28:05 EDT 2007



I have a problem with displaying geometries in a session layer. I can create
the featuresource, the layer, I can query the featuresource, the layer is
shown in the legend with correct symbology, but the geometries are not shown
in the map display.


If I try the findaddress example in the dotnetviewersample the blue push pin
markers are also not shown but the map centers to the right parcel.


I already controlled the projection/coordinate system as mention in a ticket
but without success.


Can anybody try this, I cant imagine what might be wrong ??


My configuration: MGOS 1.2 Beta2, IIS5, .NET environment


Kind regards, Hans


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