[mapguide-users] MapGuide Open Source 1.2.0 Release Candidate 2

Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
Mon Jun 18 12:36:17 EDT 2007

When upgrading from beta, RC's, to final releases, etc. are we generally
safe retaining and re-using the serverconfig.ini?  As more and more
configuration options are stored in that file, including the repository
folder paths, unmanaged aliases, pooling setttings, etc. it would be easiest
to save this file and then overwrite the new one rather than re-merging the

Andy Morsell, P.E. 
Spatial Integrators, Inc. 


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This is to announce that the MapGuide Open Source project team has made
MapGuide Open Source 1.2.0 Release Candidate 2 available.

The following notable ticket fixes were done between RC1 and RC2:
#125 - AJAX Viewer: Selecting result of custom search zooms to wrong
location - update
#142 - Part 2 - Fix validation code that wasn't using localized decimal and
thousand separators
#184 - Update schema report pages to handle restricted character escaping
used by FDO in DescribeSchemaAsXml
#195: GetFeature GET request returns no features if MAXFEATURES is not set
#196 - Some polyline labels are inverted
#198 - 1.2.0 RC1 Custom Search causes error in task pane
#200 - MapAgent Test Page Failures on .net
#201 Repository Admin scripts fail when using PHP4
#202 - Daily log archiving failing to archive on a daily basis
#204 Buffer on RDBMS polygon layers fail with coordinate system conversion
#206 - WMS: getfeatureinfo error on 1.2.0 RC1
#207 - mapadmin/constants.php file name is different in Win and Linux

Release notes: http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/wiki/Release/1.2/Notes
Documentation: http://mapguide.osgeo.org/1.2/documentation.html
Downloads: http://mapguide.osgeo.org/downloads.html

Summary of the new features as well as updated components in this release
(also listed at http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/roadmap):

Cartographic Enhancements - Phase I
    * Ability to define simple and composite symbols as XML resources
    * Ability to use new symbols for Points and Labeling Linear Features
(e.g. Highway Shields)

Pragmatic Load Balancing

Feature Join Enhancements

Support coordinate system overrides on feature sources

Support for Unmanaged Data Sources

Web interface for previewing a feature source

Extrusion support for KML

Line widths specified in map space

Tile handling enhancements

API enhancements

Significant performance enhancements in
    * Rendering
    * Tile Serving
    * Joins
Component Updates
    * FDO 3.2.2
    * GDAL 1.4.0
    * PROJ.4 4.5.0
    * PHP 5.2.1

Please enter any defects you might find using the instructions found at

Special thanks to some of our new code contributors for this release:
Jose Manuel Cerrejon Gonzalez - for the loading status indicator, mouse
wheel support and scale status bar work.

Atanas Rusev - submitting fixes for compilation issues on FC 6.

Chris Goutanis - submitting fixes for compilation issues on Gentoo.

Rex Szeto - for submitting the code for

Helio Chissini de Castro - for creating Mandriva binaries.

There are probably others that I have missed. If you know of anyone I have
missed or if I have missed you, please send me an email and I'll make sure
to update the next notice.

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