[mapguide-users] GetMapImage and GetMapTiled

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
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To produce a tile, several things are done differently. Geometries are
not clipped to the viewport, in order to ensure continuity across tiles.
Label management is done differently since it has to ensure labels
behave well across tiles (.i.e you don't get half a label on one tile
and no label on the other). Also, labeling requires that a bigger view
area is requested from FDO than normal non-tiled maps. These things add
up to make performance worse.


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Hi All,

Just find out that, getmapimage is actually a little bit faster in
generating a initial map view than getmaptiled.
I am not sure whether I am right about this or not. but if it is true,
can I
know why it is faster than maptiled?


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