[mapguide-users] linking libcurl.so.2 to libcurl.so.3 ?

Casey Townsend Casey.Townsend at tucsonaz.gov
Wed Mar 28 20:01:50 EDT 2007

I'm trying to run MapGuide Enterprise on centos4.4
<http://www.centos.org/> which is the equivalent to RHEL 4.

Yes, I know it is setup for RHEL 3, but the only problem seems to be
that libcurl.so.2 has been replaced by libcurl.so.3. Reading the cURL
list - the API didn't change, mostly just deprecated packages were

I tried creating a symlink in /usr/lib/ from libcurl.so.2 to
libcurl.so.3 and when that didn't work to libcurl.so.3.0.0. That didn't
work either.

Any suggestions (other than use RHEL 3 !) ?

Casey Townsend
System Administrator
Department of Transportation
City of Tucson
casey.townsend at tucsonaz.gov 

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