[mapguide-users] AutoDesk's SQLServer provider - GEOMETRY_SI_1 and GEOMETRY_SI_2 columns

Dennis Jonio (Aviation) DJonio at miami-airport.com
Tue May 1 08:47:17 EDT 2007

Good morning,


I am looking for some specific information on AutoDesk's SQLServer
provider. Specifically the GEOMETRY_SI_1 and GEOMETRY_SI_2 columns. 

My research to this point: 

1) These columns are NOT to appear in the f_metadata tables for a
feature class.

2) If these columns do NOT exist in the feature class table Autodesk's
MAP3d product complains and abends.

3) Mapguide Enterprise 2007 (MGE) builds an index if these coulmns are
NOT present in the table. Thusly rendering and zooming appropriatly.

4) Mapguide Enterprise 2007 (MGE) "uses" these columns if they are
present in the table and they must be populated with the "appropriate"
values.(To this point my feature classes are < 5000 records so
performance is not an issue.)


Finally, can someone inform me of the "in and outs" of populating these
two(2) fields? 

 "encoded quad-tree index keys"?


Dennis Jonio

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