[mapguide-users] Case insensitive filter with search

Dave Wilson dave.wilson at autodesk.com
Thu Oct 25 16:07:35 EDT 2007

Ideally you have to apply your function to both sides of the expression because the data source you are filtering on may be mixed, lower or uppercase. This was an issue was partially addressed by a couple of FDO fixes if this was an FDO expression. I'm not completely sure it works though as I routed one of the internal defects back. If you are doing this in your own code you can probably make it work.


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One way of dealing with it would be to apply the lower() function in PHP
to the $USER_VARIABLE, and use that as the "Left operand".

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

Ismael Cams skrev:
> Hello,
> is there any way to make the search tool (and in global the FDO filter) case
> insensitive. I have tried with Lower("ZONE") LIKE Lower('$USER_VARIABLE%')
> but it throws an MgUnclassified error and when using Studio to build the
> expression it says it is not allowed to have expressions in the left
> operand. But I do not see any other possibility to make the filter case
> insensitive ...
> Could someone help me with this issue (remark: I encountered this issue on
> MapGuide Enterprise 2008, maybe this in meanwhile has been solved in the
> latest MGOS ?).
> Kind regards,
> Ismaël
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