[mapguide-users] ajaxviewer got broken

Takashige Nakagawa ta-nakagawa at apptec.co.jp
Mon Sep 17 03:26:00 EDT 2007

Hi Kenneth.
Thanks for the reply.

The problems is not with selections nor with the initial zoom.
It is that the ajaxviewer doesn't show features.
I know there's a feature since I can select it, get properties of it, and 
delete it.
It's just not shown on the ajaxviewer. "Buffer" and "Measure" features are 
also not shown.

All worked fine a week before and I noticed that it was broken yesterday.
I re-installed the web server extensions and the server, but it made no 

I'm sorry I have no idea what caused this problem.
It's windows auto-update or something...?


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