[mapguide-users] Problem with the dwf viewer and a reverse proxy.

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Thanks Gabriele, that worked perfectly. 

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Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] Problem with the dwf viewer and a reverse proxy.

> Problem :
>      The dwf viewer does not display the map, it displays all the other
> frames correctly, i.e tbFrame, taskFrame and from the mapFrame only
> the                 Layers  and Properties panes. The ajax viewer works
> perfectly.
>      I have noticed in the logs of the apache server that the dwf viewer
> tries to access directly the server that is behind the
>                             firewall,  http://mapguideserver:8008/mapguide,
>  not the alias that is configured in the proxy,
> http://mapguideexternalalias/mapguide.
>     This happens only one time when the dwf viewer tries to get the map.
> Request:
>   Does anyone have a solution or a hint or something that my help ?
> Thanks.

We've had the same problem.

Our solution was to modify two values inside mapguide-apache httpd.conf.

ServerName should be your "mapguideexternalalias" (the URL of the
apache that is configured to access mapguide via proxy)
UseCanonicalName should be On

In this way self-referencing URL will be constructed using ServerName


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