[mapguide-users] Load Layer Definition XML

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Thu Jan 22 14:55:43 EST 2009

If you want to modify the layer xml, you just read the xml like this:

MgByteReader rd = resourceSrvc.GetResource(new 

If you want to work seriously with layerdefinitions (and the MapGuide 
xml), I have created the MaestroAPI,
which lets you manipulate classes instead of xml:

Using the MaestroAPI, you can just do:
LayerDefinition ldef = 
VectorLayerDefinition vldef = ldef.Item as VectorLayerDefinition;
foreach(VectorScaleRangeType vsr in vldef.ScaleRanges)
    foreach(object o in vsr.Item)
       if (o is PointTypeStyleType)
          ; //Layer has points
       else if (o is LineTypeStyleType)
          ; //Layer has lines
       else if (o is AreaTypeStyleType)
          ; //Layer has polygons

Also, changing a style is easy, eg:
PointTypeStyleType point = vldef.ScaleRanges[0].Item[0] as 
p.PointRule[0].Label.BackgroundColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;

Then save:

All is fully intellisense supported in VS.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

wordsy skrev:
> Hey Everyone;
> Fairly new to MGOS.
> Here is what I am trying to do.  
> I have a map with many Layers.  One of my requirements is to allow users to
> be able to change the layer styles via a web wizard.  The user will be able
> to adjust certain styles for line/point/polygon (surface).  Ie font, symbol,
> line thickness, color etc.
> Already my site allows a user to select the layer they want to change, then
> change the styles for a point only.  The changing doesn't seem to be a
> problem right now.
> The problem I have:
> Once a user selects the layer they want to load.  How would I get the layer
> and use XML document or XPATH or something to allow the users edit XML
> nodes.
> Here is my code that checks to see what layer type I have when the user
> selects the layer.  I have 3 different user controls (one for line, one for
> poly, one for line).  What I really want, is to load the layer and populate
> the appropriate controls inside the user control.
>  MgSiteConnection conn = InitializeGisWebTier();
>             string resource = "Library://MUNICIPALITIES/" + Municipality +
> "/2_DATA/" + LayerName + ".FeatureSource";
>             MgResourceService svc =
> (MgResourceService)conn.CreateService(MgServiceType.ResourceService );
>             // Populate some values that we will need.
>             MgResourceIdentifier resourceId = new
> MgResourceIdentifier(resource);              
>             MgFeatureReader featureReader =
> LayerDefinitionFactory.MakeAFeatureReader(conn, resourceId);                        
>             // Find out what type of Geometric property the FeatureSource we
> uploaded has.
>             string geometricPropertyType =
> LayerDefinitionFactory.GetFeatureSourceGeometricPropertyType(featureReader);
>             switch (geometricPropertyType)
>             {
>                 case "SURFACE":
>                     // We load the Polygon usercontrol
>                     this.phStylizeLayerControl.Controls.Add(new
> PolygonStyleBuilder());
>                     break;
>                 case "POINT":
>                     // we load the point usercontrol
>                     //this.phStylizeLayerControl.Controls.Add(new
> PointStyleBuilder());
>                     PointStyleBuilder control =
> (PointStyleBuilder)LoadControl("~/Pages/Controls/PointStyleBuilder.ascx");
>                     this.phStylizeLayerControl.Controls.Add(control);
>                     txtSymbol.Enabled = true;
>                     txtSymbolSize.Enabled = true;
>                     break;
>                 case "CURVE":
>                     // we load the line user control
>                     this.phStylizeLayerControl.Controls.Add(new
> LineStyleBuilder());
>                     break;
>             }
> Thanks for any help in advance.

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