[mapguide-users] Recover the Administration Password

Dominik Schroll dschroll at virtualcitysystems.de
Wed Jul 29 09:13:11 EDT 2009

I need your help. 



The Operation System is Windows Server 2003 R3 Standard Edition sp2 and I install the mapguide Open Source 2.0 on an IIS 6 a long time ago.


First thing is to update the system with the new stable Version 2.0.2 of MapGuide OS. And I want to add some new data sources to the projects.



The big problem is that I can´t login at the mapadmin site because I don´t know which password I choose. 

I change the normal password and now I can´t login.



First I make a Backup of the System. Copy all local files to a different folder etc. Uninstall MapGuide and reinstall the new version. Then I restart the Server. Now I want to login at the mapadmin with the normal password "admin" and it don´t work. I have a package of an old version of my project to easily add all the data.

But now I have a big problem. I look at the login.php to see were the password can be saved but I see nothing.


I´d look at the mailing lists but I don´t find anything. 


Have everybody the same problem or know how to recover the normal password in an easy way?

Please help me.


Thank you very much


Regards, Dominik


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