[MapQuery] Layer Controller Widget Options and Labeling

Volker Mische volker.mische at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 07:55:49 EDT 2011

I think overwriting templates makes sense. It should be possible for
MapQuery users to customize/extend the existing widgets.


On 06/21/2011 07:45 PM, Justin Penka wrote:
> Something I have been interested in getting opinions on regards the
> flexibility of the Layer Controller Widget. For instance, I rarely want
> to give my end users the ability to delete a map layer from the map,
> especially if there is no way for them to get it back after they delete
> it. Additionally I often generate my layer labels as separate layers,
> this gives the user the ability to deactivate labeling that may
> interfere with the map itself and also allows me the opportunity to set
> the levels of zoom that I would like the labeling to appear on a dynamic
> basis.
> In the old version I managed to do this by overriding the .template used
> for drawing the layer controller. I know Volker isn’t a huge fan of this
> method and it certainly has plenty of drawbacks. For instance I added an
> additional checkbox next to the visible checkbox to represent the
> labeling of the layer visibility, and removed the delete button from the
> custom template. Unfortunately because the template is so heavily linked
> to the core code anytime an activity occurred, such as moving a layer
> the widget would revert back to the default template and remove any
> changes included by my template.
> It would appear that overriding the template is perhaps not the best
> approach. I think it would be good if we could have options associated
> with each layer in the layer controller to activate or deactivate the
> various options. (ie delete button, visibility checkbox, or possible
> layer label checkbox). Open to opinions, ideas and suggestions..
> -Justin
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