[MapQuery] bug reports

Volker Mische volker.mische at gmail.com
Tue May 10 04:50:45 EDT 2011

Hi Steven,

On 10/05/11 10:28, Steven M. Ottens wrote:
> I'm probably missing something obvious, but where can I put bugreports?
> I'm working on mapquery and run in various issues that need to be solved
> at some point in time, but I don't want to do right now. So I like to
> list them somewhere.

That's sadly true. There is now bug tracker at the moment. At the moment
most bugs get fixed via merge requests.

The decision about the bug tracker is kind of a big one. We could either
ask OsGeo if they would set us up a trac instance, or we move on to Github.

For now I would stick either send them to the mailing list, or stick
them into a wiki page.

> e.g. if you don't define an ID for a layer I get a crash in a bit of
> code I'm writing. I've the feeling that if no id is given, mapquery
> should generate an ID (or better take the ID openlayers already generates)

Agreed. Taking the IDs from OpenLayers sounds good (if it's to hard to
do, generating one is also OK).


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