WFS GetFeature response global bounding box issue

Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Thu Dec 29 14:20:27 EST 2005

I gotta feeling I know what's wrong. Are you using that latest code? That change in
mapproject.c changed things so that the bounds of the projected shape are recomputed
after projection. Previously that wasn't the case. Prior to that the shape and its bounds
could be in different projections. The result set merges all those bounds into one layer
bbox, but again, in previous versions that box would have been in the native projection
of the layer NOT the main map projection. That has changed.

If you are feeling adventurous try editing mapquery.c, starting at line 1168 in the function
msGetQueryResultBounds() and remove the 4 lines starting with:

#ifdef USE_PROJ

and ending with:


The projection would not be necessary since it would already have done. What is happening
is that we end up projecting twice- bad news.

Let me know if that helps and I'll make the change before releasing 4.8 (which I think should
wait until Monday).


>>> "Kralidis,Tom [Burlington]" <Tom.Kralidis at EC.GC.CA> 12/29/05 9:20 AM >>>
Anyone have any updates / pointers w.r.t. this issue?


> Hi,
> Against latest CVS, if I invoke the following OGC:WFS 
> GetFeature w/ Filter request: 

I receive a response back with results as expected.

When inspecting /msFeatureCollection/gml:boundedBy, the actual values
are not representative of the entire set of results.  Infact, they're
way off.  The gml:boundedBy chunk WITHIN each gml:featureMember seem to
be fine.

I notice mapproject.c was changed on 23/12/2005, so I'm not sure if this
had any effect.



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