[mapserver-dev] Feedback required: plans for Downloadable Users Manual

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Mar 24 16:40:45 EDT 2008

Hello dev team,

I about to dive into some funded work to create a MapServer 
'downloadable user's manual', to be in pdf format.  I am thinking of 
making a glossy version of the great work already done by David Fawcett 
and Perry in the New Users manual and the MapServer 5.0 Tutorial 
respectively, and of course pointing to the existing howtos/references. 
   Below are some topics for the table of contents, please let me know 
if you think something is missing or if I should change my focus.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
   - Installing
   - Architecture of MapServer
Preparing Data
   - The .Map File
   - Supported Formats
   - Tips and Tricks
   - Factors Affecting Performance
Building a MapServer Application
   - Flavors
   - Example Code
   - History of MapServer
   - Project Steering Committee
   - Contributing
   - Getting Help
   - Conferences/Workshops


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