[mapserver-dev] RFC 52: One-pass query - Did we ever adopt this?

Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Sun Dec 27 13:26:43 EST 2009

The majority of discussion took place back at the code sprint both in the room and a bit on IRC. The focus was most
definitely on PostGIS and Oracle Spatial. There is an implementation ticket:


and few others dealing with subsequent implementation issues.

I'm happy to develop whatever documentation folks feel as necessary.


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Looking at:


It does not appear that we ever voted on this RFC.  Yet, my understanding
is that it was implemented and rolled out in MapServer 5.6.

I would add that the RFC would be more aptly called "two pass query"
since my understanding is that effectively two passes are still made.
What we avoid is the random feature fetching by feature id that was
previously done and was very expensive for some backends.

Steve, perhaps you could call for a vote, and prepare an implementation
ticket with details on the roll out?  I'd like somewhere to add a note
indicating that this RFC is also implemented for OGR (in trunk).

It would also give us a place to keep track of whether the documentation
and mapscript were fully updated.

Best regards,


We voted on this RFC back in June, I think... It passed without any objections, IIRC.


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