mapscript perl queryUsingRect fails

Manfred Meier m.meier at
Tue Apr 10 04:16:54 EDT 2001

Hello users,

I'm trying to learn mapscript with perl (mapserver 3.3.011).
In one of my test programs I try to make a queryUsingRect:

$map = new mapObj ('');
$rect = new rectObj;
$rect->{minx} = 2530000;
$rect->{maxx} = 2560000;
$rect->{miny} = 5660000;
$rect->{maxy} = 5700000;
$qobj = $map->queryUsingRect ($rect);

The problem is: $qobj is undef. The $map-Object is ok. I can
make an image with msSaveImage.

I did hope that I can get an error message with
mapscript::msWriteError (STDOUT) but there is
always an runtime error: type error in argument 1 of
msWriteError: Expected FILEPtr.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you

Manfred Meier

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