[mapserver-users] free DBF editor ? is there anyone?

Speh Sylvain sylvain.speh at CLERMONT.cemagref.fr
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On Windows,I tried Excel 2000, but I couln'd add any kind of column. Excel
Apparently doesn't find the release of the DBFILE ( looking for a 3+ or a 4
one ). But I succeeded in changing text  values.

If this could help you ...

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On Thursday, August 9, 2001, at 10:41  PM, Eduardo Patto Kanegae wrote:

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does anybody know an editor for DBF files maintance?
i have to add fields to my shapefiles but don't have(too much expensive)
ESRI ArvView....
any GPL tool or somethin like this...

most spreadsheet kinda tools will open dbf files... try StarOffice... 
the spreadsheet as well as the database module will work with dbf files. 
Be careful with the row order... don't delete any rows or reorder 
them... they will get out of sync with your shp file and then you would 
be royally screwed. Otherwise, you can edit their contents to your 
heart's fill.

Btw, you would be better off storing only a featureid in the dbf file 
and moving all the attributes to a real database such as MySQL.

Puneet Kishor
pkishor at eidesis.org

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