[mapserver-users] Applet with polygon drawing

jrom jga at scot.cnes.fr
Fri Nov 9 04:05:40 EST 2001

> Dear MapServer Users:
> Does anyone know of (can point me to) a browser Java applet for 
> MapServer that supports drawing a polygon layer over the map?  One that 
> can then transmit the polygon layer back to the server?
> Dave Graham
> information integration and imaging, LLC


We've developped such an applet. It support a lot functionnalities

		* zoom+
		* zoom-
		* pan
		* browse history
		* distance calculation
		* ...

And it support the drawing of polygons, lines and points with a kind of
control with other objects load into the applet. Tests have been done with 
insertion of more than 10000 vertices polygons without any problem. A
API should explain how it work (i hope ;)
This applet is part of a more advanced project including mapfile editor and
creation through the web which use postgres/postgis as one of the data
sources. The 
mapfile structure is stored into a relational schema into postgres

We haven't yet release the source of these tools and we are in discussion
with our company
to see if we can make it publicly available. I think we should do this into
a couple
of days on sourceforge. I will send a mail when it'll be available.

I can send screenshots or more explanation by email if someone is



Jerome Gasperi
Project manager & main developper

8-10 rue Hermes
Parc Technologique du canal
31526 Ramonville

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