[mapserver-users] Re: Rosa-Applet and UMN Mapserver CGI-Bin

Assefa Yewondwossen assefa at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Oct 23 10:03:51 EDT 2001

Hi There,

 Thanks for the update and code. I have posted it on our site at :


Best Regars,

Frank Koormann wrote:

> Dear all,
> during a project with a local authority in Lower Saxonia, Germany I had
> to setup a UMN MapServer CGI-Binary in combination with the rosa-applet.
> I found some code snippets on the mapserver mailing list posted by
> Daniel (code comes from the pilbara project). Since this might be of a
> more general interest I have extended the code (a single click in zoom
> mode now centers the zoom on this point) and bundled it into patches
> for mapserver v3.4 and v3.5. I think your site is the best location to
> place the patches.
> Kind regards,
>         Frank
> --
> Frank Koormann                             <frank.koormann at intevation.de>
>  Professional Service around Free Software       (http://intevation.net/)
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>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                Name: mapserver-3.4-rosa.patch
>    mapserver-3.4-rosa.patch    Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
>                            Encoding: quoted-printable
>                                Name: mapserver-3.5-rosa.patch
>    mapserver-3.5-rosa.patch    Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
>                            Encoding: quoted-printable
>    Part 1.2Type: application/pgp-signature

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