[mapserver-users] GTOPO30, Raster Maps, and Projections

Ma marin at here.is
Tue Sep 4 07:12:00 EDT 2001

One more question:
Is it possible to use ESRI GRID with Mapserver? How?
Because GTOPO can be easily converted to GRID (yes, I know that GRID can be
covered to SHP file).


Frederik Ramm wrote:

> Hi,
>    I'm using MapServer 4.3 (but will upgrade to 4.4/4.5 if required to
> solve my problem).
> I have a PNG map of Europe, generated from GTOPO30 elevation data. I
> created it using the free "drawmap" utility; the file is 1920x2540
> pixels in size and depicts the area from (30N,10W) to (70N,20E).
> As far as I understand, drawmap doesn't really use a proper
> projection, it just stretches the grid to match whatever coordinates
> and pixel sizes I specify.
> How can I use this PNG bitmap as a raster background for my MapServer
> maps? I have read the relevant documentation and got "something"
> to show up but I am at a loss how to create a proper world file for
> the data I have. The docs say:
> "The world file contents look like the following. The first
> coefficient is the X pixel size. The second and third are rotational
> coefficients (and should normally be NULL). The fourth is the Y pixel
> size, normally negative indicating that Y decreases as you move down
> from the top left origin. The final two values are the X and Y
> location of the center of the top left pixel."
> This seems to imply that I need a bitmap in which the pixel size (in
> meters) is constant - something which cannot be said of my map!
> If this is too difficult, then is there some other way to use GTOPO30
> data with MapServer (besides creating raster files with drawmap and
> taking it from there)?
> Thanks,
> Frederik
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