[mapserver-users] LegendObj with php/mapscript

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Sep 11 09:03:45 EDT 2001

jrom wrote:
> I'm currently writing s acript that parse
> a mapfile and import all parameters of the
> mapfile in a database. I'm using php/mapscript.
> I can get layerObj, classObject parameters, etc...
> But it seems that i cannot get legend and scalebar
> object. Is there a trick to get these parameters from
> the mapfile using php/mapscript or may i write a
> parser specially for these objects?

There is currently no way to access the legendObj and scalebarObj
parameters from PHP MapScript (nobody ever needed them before) so these
will have to be added eventually.  I've filed this in bugzilla to make
sure this gets addressed, but that's low priority as we have more
important issues to resolve before the 3.5 release.


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