[mapserver-users] proj module for php with pj_transform ?

Claude Philipona claude.philipona at camptocamp.com
Thu Sep 20 08:10:38 EDT 2001

There is the source for a proj module for php in the distribution of Mapserver.
We compiled it and use it to have forward and inverse porjection directly
available in PHP.

In the new version of proj 4.4.3 there are some new fonctions allowing to make
datum shift and to transform from any coordinates (projection or geographic)
system to another one, with pj_transform.

We know that these function are not implemented yet in the php module. As we are
not expert in building php module, we wanted to know if anybody is planning to
extend the php proj module with those fucntion?

For now, I'm using the exec() function to call the system command cs2cs (command
using pj_transform). For example to translate from swiss grid to UTM 32N:
exec("cs2cs +init=epsg:9814 +to +init=epsg:32632 <<EOF\n 600000 200000 480 \n EOF
\n" ,$cmd_result);

Claude Philipona

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