[mapserver-users] Changing IMAGECOLOR with PHP MapScript

Hankley, Chip Chip.Hankley at GASAI.Com
Thu Sep 27 17:48:56 EDT 2001


I tried this
  ($map is passed)
  $bgcolor = $map->addcolor(238,238,238);
  $map->set("imagecolor", $bgcolor);

...and now I get the following error:

Fatal error: Property 'imagecolor' does not exist in this object. in
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\seating\seating.php on line 567

Any ideas?


I think you have to add a colour first before you try to set its
property (see the MapObject Class and its members in
such as the following:

$color = $map->addcolor(0,0,0);
$map->set("imagecolor", $color);



Jeff McKenna
GIS Specialist
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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"Hankley, Chip" wrote:
> Can someone please show me how to change the background color of my map
> PHP MapScript.
> This is the basics of what I've tried so far...
> $map = ms_newMapObj("GB01.map");
> $map->set("imagecolor", 0 0 0);
>  -or-
> $map->set("imagecolor", setRGB(0, 0, 0));
> ...neither seem to be working.
> Chip Hankley

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