[mapserver-users] Accessing external files using javascript (other)

Giorgio Volpe giorgio at nauta.it
Thu Apr 18 04:14:35 EDT 2002

Robert Crossley wrote:
> 17/04/2002 04:08:03, "Ryan, Adam" <ARyan at co.linn.or.us> wrote:
> >
> >Hi folks,
> >
> >I'm new to HTML/JavaScript.  Is there a simple way to make calls to an
> >external file using javascript (other script)? Access, dBase, text file,
> >anything?  I want to manipulate my returned template according to some
> >values saved elsewhere.
> >
> Adam,
> I had a similar dilema.  The problem a I saw it was there was a limited amount you could do on the template in terms of server side processing.
> I ended up doing this by putting a redirection to an asp page on the template, and getting data from a database using server side scripting.

This solution, is a "server side" ... Ryan asked for a client side one!
That is something that can be executed from javascript running in the
browser to retrive
information dinamically ... The example could be a static page that
loads a map , a javascript in the page retrives the extent for
elaboration of following "views" of the map.
Is it so, Ryan?

I studied this possibility and concluded that is very complicated!
The main problem is making it compatible for different browser! 
Netscale has some method for loading a new file in a layer so you could
use it for loading a new javascript that "comunicates" some data to your
runnig javascript!
But this is not approved by w3c so not implemeted fro ather browser .. I
don't know MS-explorer but I heard about a "data-binding" for such
things ...

Other posibility could be:
1) using cookies ( cgi that sends the image could send a cooky too whith
required data)
2) Loading a file in a new window than accessing data in it from your
javascript ...
3) Use java




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