[mapserver-users] Performance issues

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Is the map Walnut Creek CA ?  Just curious, as I'm on the peninsula
south of SF.

I saw something similar to your issue, although both internally and
externally.  I had my web server, IIS, configured for only 5 concurrent
connections.  The Rosa applet got very unhappy about the small number of
connections and apparently was somewhat confused by it.  I would see
random subsets of the buttons on the toolbar appearing as I repeatedly
refreshed the page.

BTW, I noticed that your app zooms in properly given a mouse click but
does nothing when presented with a rectangular selection area.

John Novak

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Was this an issue on your server, or was it in the hosting environment?

Near as I can tell, our organisation's web proxy is a significant
bottleneck, I am hoping that fiddling with caching pragmas in the sent
pages may get us better performance. Anyone been experimenting?

You could append the time taken to generate each page on the bottom of
the page. I am guessing your pages are rendering as fast as they ever
did, but take longer to navigate your proxy/firewall/DMZ.


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I too, would like to thank all the people who answered my questions, and
helped me get my Beta app running (which is ulitmately going to be the
interface for a University Sponsored Watershed Management System).

Performance Question:

>From behind my firewall, on a 100 MB link, pages load quickly, works

Outside the firewall (T1), sometimes GIFS don't load, or the scale bar,

this is running on a 1 GHZ w/ 1 GB RAM, RH 7.3

What do I need to "tweak" either in mapserver or apache to boost image
delivery? Ultimately, 100's of users will be accessing this. 

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