[mapserver-users] Problem with INC (perl)

Puneet Kishor pkishor at GeoAnalytics.com
Wed Sep 4 10:19:10 EDT 2002

On Wednesday, September 4, 2002, at 09:03  AM, Alain FERRIOL wrote:

> Hi all
> Thank's for your answer
> Puneet Kishor wrote:
> :: why are you trying to execute a perl script from a php script? Use
> :: one or the other.
> It seems i need to explain our choices.
> Maybe they are false ....
> We have an application (WAN) wich receive some GSM informations from 
> trucks.
> We have another site using mapserver with a little map .
> The first site send informations to our map server using a form in php.
> Our .map file contains informations about 3 layers to display our trucs 
> with
> different symbols and fonts depending on activity.

Very cool sounding application!

> The php script receive the different latitudes and longitudes and others
> informations.
> It uses proj4 to compute the X Y coordinate and create a plain text 
> file.
> Then it generates the perl script required for creating the dbf, shp 
> and shx
> file

this is what I don't understand... why not just use PHP to do all this 
work... I haven't used PHP's dbase functions extensively, so am not sure 
if it can create dbf files directly or not, but PHP/Mapscript certainly 
has functions for creating a shape file... hence it also creates it 
associated dbf and index files.

{Or, alternatively, use Perl all the way, even on the first site}

> It's here where I have my problem : the perl script has'nt the correct
> rights when started by php....
> When I execute it manually, all is correct and my map is ok.

Again, I am not very conversant with the ins and outs of PHP, but does 
it not have the facility to execute system commands... hence, you could 
use PHP to chmod and chown on the generated perl scrit appropriately.


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