[Mapserver-users] I'm getting a little frustrated...

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
Mon Apr 5 13:53:29 EDT 2004

Paul -

There's nothing wrong with raster support on Windows - it works just
fine.  Posting your MAP file would help, too.  Are you sure the raster
layer is enabled (STATUS DEFAULT) in your map file?

The biggest problem people have with raster data is that it is typically
projected, while much vector data is not.  That means you're mixing data
with two different coordinate systems in the same map.  That's perfectly
OK and MapServer can handle it just fine, but you need to accurately
describe the projection of each of your input data sets AND the desired
output projection so MapServer can figure out what to do.

	- Ed

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Ok, here's the deal...  I'm new to GIS, so I could be the entire
problem, but I'm not sure, you tell me.

I've downloaded and install mapserver 4.0.1 precompiled binaries from
the mapserver homepage (ms401_png_pg.zip).  I've even been sucessful in
building a few maps based on shape files using our own data.  Here are
some examples:  However, I cannot get raster
images to work to save my life...  I've got a few rasters of my own that
I've been working with that I've tried with no luck.  I've also taken
the raster image that was included with the tutorial and tried to get it
working.  Everytime it draws a picture without the raster data.  Even
when the raster layer is the only layer, it still draws the picture,
without anything.

Where do I need to go now?  Should I try the same things on linux?  I'm
very familiar w/ the linux platform, but my company wants to keep
everything on Windows.  I'm running this on a Windows 2000 Server using
Apache 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Even if you just tell me that
you have a similar environment and it works.


Paul VanDyke
Kodiak Island Borough
Kodiak, Alaska

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