[Mapserver-users] Interoperability Day: Request for Live App URLs

Charlton Purvis cpurvis at asg.sc.edu
Thu Apr 22 09:41:21 EDT 2004

Hi, Jeff:

Are you only looking for Canadian URL's?

And are you more interested in sites who act as OGC clients than those
who are servers?  We're in a position of serving data via WMS and WFS
but not grabbing any by the same protocols.


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> From: Jeff McKenna [mailto:jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca]
> Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 9:05 AM
> To: Mapserver-users
> Subject: [Mapserver-users] Interoperability Day: Request for Live App
> Hello all,
> As part of the "Canadian Interoperability Day Showcase" for the OGC
> meeting here in Ottawa (http://www.opengis.org/events/?page=040423) DM
> Solutions will have a booth tomorrow promoting open source and
> mapserver.  We would like to show cool apps that use and promote OGC
> specs (WMS, WFS, SLD, Context, etc.) ...so please send me some links
> you'd like us to show your app.  Please include a brief description of
> which specs are used.  Thanks a lot.

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