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Ed McNierney ed at TOPOZONE.COM
Thu Aug 5 11:14:14 EDT 2004

James -

Try - we are currently serving about 575,000 individual
color and black and white raster images with quite a few more coming
soon.  About half the images are less than 5 MB, while the rest are about
three-quarters ~50 MB files and one-quarter ~150 MB files.  The entire
data set is slightly under 20 Terabytes.

We do have a similar sort of overlap, in which one spot may be covered by
black and white or color images or both, and where there may be more than
one version (current/historical) of each image.

In a simple MapServer application the order of image display is controlled
by the ordering of the layers in the map file.  We serve all our imagery
through the OGC WMS interface, and that interface allows the order of
layers to be explicitly specified for each request.

     - Ed

Ed McNierney
President and Chief Mapmaker / Maps a la carte, Inc.

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 06:58:33 -0500, James Reid <james.reid at ED.AC.UK> wrote:

>hi - my organisation is currently looking at options for delivering
>(viewing/panning/zoom) black and white raster maps. There are c. 500,000
>individual images ranging in size from a few hundred K to 8-9 Mb.
>teh nature of teh maps is that teh same area could be covered by more than
>one  image and several images for teh same area may exist.
>if I use tileindex to pint to the images and the index shapefile has
>polys for the same area pointing to differnt images, is that permissible
>if so is it possible to configure mapserver to select a specific one?
>we'd also apprciate pointers to some case studies or stats from other
>using mapserver to serve up lots of images, especially wrt to load
>and performance.
>all comments appreciated : )

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