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On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:26:25 +0100, Anke Olaniyon
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> I have some generale Quetions to the WFS-Client of the UMN-Mapserver. I'm
> using mapserver Version 4.2.5 with the support of wms und
> wfs -server/client. I can get some WFS-Layer from WFS_Servers created by
> umnmapserver. But I can't get Layer from other "OGC"-conform WFS-Server like
> degree. I only get a gml in my tmp-Directory . What I see is, that the
> gml-schema is different. Umn-WFS use the keywords "<wfs:FeatureCollection>"
> and the degree has "<GMLPacket>". Is there a possibility in my Client-map to
> tell that this is the same and my mapserver can show me this layer in my
> map?
> I hope you can understand my Question (it's a little bit difficult to
> descibe). Perhaps you have a solution.
> Regards
> Anke Olaniyon


I believe the problem is due to limitations of the GML reader in OGR that
MapServer uses for reading GML responses from other WFS servers.  It
takes an adhoc approach to parsing GML that is dependent on finding
certain key element names to identify what are features.  So you can
alter your request then to "what do I need to do to get OGR's GML reader
to work with WFS servers like Deegree".   If you can provide me samples
by direct email I could look into whether something can be done easily.

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