[Mapserver-users] Mapserver and IIS 6.0

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
Wed Jun 9 18:05:38 EDT 2004

This looks like the symptom of the common "zlib.dll isn't accessible"
problem.  Try putting zlib.dll in the same directory as mapserv.exe or
ensuring that it's in a location with the right permissions for
mapserv.exe to load it.

The mapserv.exe appears to be running (i.e. the CGI app has the proper
permissions) because otherwise it wouldn't be the thing that's failing.

	- Ed

Ed McNierney
President and Chief Mapmaker
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Any have any experience setting up the windows binaries on IIS 6.0
(windows 2003)?  I've got it unpacked and have copied the files to their
appropriate spots (I believe) but when I try and run the demo.. the
first screen comes up fine, but when I choose something from the
pulldown I get a page cannot be found error..


http://mapserver.idghelp.us/workshop/index.html if you want to look.


Thanks for any help.




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