[Mapserver-users] JBox and Mozilla Firefox

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Mon Mar 8 08:51:59 EST 2004

Considering the status of Firefox, this should be summarized and posted 
to that group's support list as a potential buglet.


Bonnin S. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm working around Mapplet/JBox and I'm testing it on some popular 
> browser. I have noticed that there are some problem with Mozilla 
> Firefox. When I try to do some operations like zoom out the Mozilla java 
> environment hangs and no other operations are possible.
> At the following address there is a mapserver/Jbox application where I 
> found the error:
> http://www2.tetonwyo.org/mapserver/mapserv.exe?MAP_IMAGETYPE=gif&MAP_LEGEND_STATUS=OFF&MAP_REFERENCE_STATUS=ON&java=on&imgext=2402364.115702+1406197.272727+2458002.297520+1447897.272727&map=tc%2Ftc.map&mapext=shapes&mode=browse&zoomsize=2&template=tc.html&layers=Roads+ownership+Water+state_fed&zoomdir=0&imgxy=292.5+40.5&imgbox=292.5+40.5+292.5+40.5&help=&jump=&map_size=440+330 
> <http://www2.tetonwyo.org/mapserver/mapserv.exe?MAP_IMAGETYPE=gif&MAP_LEGEND_STATUS=OFF&MAP_REFERENCE_STATUS=ON&java=on&imgext=2402364.115702+1406197.272727+2458002.297520+1447897.272727&map=tc%2Ftc.map&mapext=shapes&mode=browse&zoomsize=2&template=tc.html&layers=Roads+ownership+Water+state_fed&zoomdir=0&imgxy=292.5+40.5&imgbox=292.5+40.5+292.5+40.5&help=&jump=&map_size=440+330>
> Any suggestion?
> Thanks.

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