Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Fri Sep 3 12:22:09 EDT 2004

Skweda O'Bomsawin wrote:
> Hi all!
> I just tried to compile Mapserver 4.2.2 for FastCGI without success.  I
> have installed mod_fcgi and FastCGI lib according to the Mapserver Wiki
> article.  Is the development of mapserver_fcgi has stopped?  Can I
> expect real improvements with mapserver_fcgi and PostGIS layers?


Work on the FastCGI support was a prototype investigation.  It is not currently
supported or being worked on. I hope to be able to return to it some day and
make a more comprehensive implementation that does not involve duplicating
all of mapserv.c but it will be a substantial effort.

In the meantime, you can likely "hand integrate" some of the changes from
the newer mapserv.c into mapserv_fcgi.c or try applying fast cgi support to
mapserv.c yourself - though this might not be a job for the faint of heart.

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