Oracle Spatial

Eric Wright eric.linux at SHAW.CA
Tue Sep 7 13:17:25 EDT 2004

Good morning,

I am working on a project with MapServer and Oracle Spatial. Both are running under windows environments and I have noticed some odd behavior.

Some of the data that I have loaded into Oracle Spatial layers does not get rendered by MapServer. I have run the Oracle test on the layers and they came back good and I am able to view the layers with the Oracle MapViewer but they are not showing up with MapServer. I am not getting an error back from MapServer and I have looked for the MapServer log but I cannot find them.

Question: Where are the MapServer logs in a Windows/Apache install?

Another thing that I find interesting is that some of the layers stop rendering at a certain scale. For example I have a layer that contains the cities of British Columbia (from one of the Oracle layers that is working).  It has a Maximum scale of 1:5,000,000 yet at some point while zooming in the labels disappear and don't come back again until I zoom out. Is this normal?

Thanks for your help

Eric Wright

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