Mapserver temporal WCS working

Norman Barker nbarker at RSINC.COM
Thu Apr 7 05:26:13 EDT 2005


I have got the temporal search with the WCS working (hacking the perl script at thanks, Steve Lime).

However I have to specify all the time instants, what I would like to do is

wcs_timeposition "2001-01-01T06"
wcs_timeperiod "0000-00-00T06"

and for the describeCoverage to generate the time values for the whole set defined in
the tile index?

Also what would be the steps to add other parameters to query on (as per the WCS spec), at
the moment we can query on bands (which is cool), but I would like to define a parameter called
ozone (say) and query e.g for example

If I can be granted access to edit the wiki, I would like to write a more hands on guide to setting
up the WCS for the faint of heart if you are interested?  

Many thanks, interesting times for implementations of WCSs.


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