Rare scalebar problem (14Km turn into 0.1m).

Alan Jairo Acosta ajacosta at ALTAMIRATECH.COM
Mon Apr 11 17:04:26 EDT 2005

Hello everybody.
I have a map, and the map's units are in DD (decimal degrees Lat/Long) and 
scalebar is in meters, now my problem is that scalebar is wrong because 14km 
turn into 0.1 meters in scalebar, the extent is good, i think, couse i can 
make zoom and other things, just the scalebar is wrong, Do I need to make 
some type of projection, please, any help is thankfully, and again, sorry by 
my bad english.

Alan Jairo Acosta Reséndiz
MapReport:Geoweb PocketVision:Altamira
Work office Number : 690 77 53 ext 12
Cell Phone : 300 612 6697
ajacosta at altamiratech.com

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