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Milo van der Linden mlinden at ZEELANDNET.NL
Wed Aug 3 05:01:43 EDT 2005

Hello list,
I have set up my first WMS Server and joined it with my standard MapInfo
client, all works well. I am facing the following challenge however:
- I have over 1,5Gb of raster image data covering the whole of the
Netherlands at a 1:25000 scale. I want to serve this data via my MapServer
WMS Server in order to get it into my WMS capable smartphone GPS viewer.
Since my phone holds limited memory, I want the rasters to be sent accross
the air smart, meaning that only for the resolutions displayed (100x100)
that part of the image should be sent.
My base rasters are 5000x5000 pixels and about 5mb in size, they are tiled
and all connect together or overlap.
In what way can I best organize my Map File in order to get: 
- Highest performance on my smartphone
- only the detail that I need?
- The most compact Layer definition in the Map File?
Kind regards,
Milo van der Linden 
AVD-ICT GIS Consultant 

*	Hoogbloklandseweg 24 

*	4205 NE  Gorinchem

Tel. +31 183 50 81 50 
Fax. +31 183 50 81 60 
Mob. +31 629 54 06 96 

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